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What is Breast Implant Removal With En Bloc?

Women who have undergone breast augmentation in the past may desire to have them removed for a variety of reasons. These may include pain, capsular contracture (tightness of the breast), breast implant illness,or simply a desire to be smaller in size., At our Miami Beach, FL facility, Dr. Gary Rosenbaum meets with women who seek to remove their breast implants often incorporating an en bloc technique. This innovative surgical technique works by removing the implant and the capsule or scar tissue that has formed around the implant. By not exposing the implant and carefully removing it with the surrounding scar tissue, it can help to avoid any contamination or spillage that some physicians feel possibly contributes to breast implant illness. The incorporation of the scar tissue removal through the en block technique helps to ensure that no fluids or additional material contaminate the body after removal. This entire approach is based on a eye for an aesthetically pleasing cosmetic result  and the conclusion of the procedure.  

In some cases, a breast lift might be needed after implant removal based upon the size, location, and type of implants a woman has as well as how much your skin was stretched. A breast lift can typically help to eliminate excess or sagging skin that can remain after implant removal.  Combining extensive experience in breast reconstruction and the revision of unsatisfactory outcomes women have experienced in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Rosenbaum is able to apply this knowledge to help provide a better result.   If you desire to go back to your original breast size, implant removal surgery and a breast lift may create beautiful results to restore the natural look of your breasts.

Ideal Candidates

Implant removal surgery with en bloc can be used to fix an array of issues an individual may experience after a breast augmentation, including scar tissue (capsular contracture), implant malfunction, and dissatisfaction with the breast size. En bloc is a very precise and advanced technique that may be preferred in order to reduce the risk of breast implant illness. Some women may already be experiencing symptoms of breast implant illness, possibly making them good candidates for an en bloc procedure whereby  surrounding scar tissue is removed along with the implants. A few of the most commonly known symptoms of breast implant illness include: 

  • Muscle/joint pain
  • Extreme chronic fatigue
  • Issues with concentration and memory
  • Issues with breathing
  • Irregular sleeping patterns
  • Skin problems, including dry skin and rashes
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Loss of hair
  • Stomach and digestive problems

No matter the reason, following breast augmentation, implant removal with en bloc technique, and a breast lift -when needed- can reestablish a natural, desired aesthetic appearance. Prior to your surgery, Dr. Rosenbaum will talk with you about your desired look for your breasts, as well as how to achieve it.

En Bloc Surgical Technique 

Commonly the en bloc technique utilizes an inframammary incision pattern that runs horizontally underneath a small length  of the natural fold of the breast, allowing it to be easily hidden. If this incision was created in a previous breast augmentation, Dr. Rosenbaum will follow the existing scar. The implants will be taken out and scar tissue/capsule will also need to be removed. Scar tissue is common after implant based breast augmentation and may need to be removed with the en bloc technique if it is affecting the shape of the breast, causing pain, or has led to breast implant illness. After the implants and surrounding scar tissue have been excised, Dr. Rosenbaum may perform a breast lift, fat transfer, or both, depending on what was discussed during your appointment. There are also several alternatives to restore volume after implant removal to enhance the shape of the breast.

What to Expect

The recovery period will vary for each patient, depending upon whether other techniques are employed  following the implant removal. After the process, Dr. Rosenbaum will provide post-procedure instructions and may suggest treatments to help reduce scarring. For the first few weeks, patients will experience swelling and  possibly some bruising. Patients should limit strenuous upper body exercise until otherwise permitted. However, patients are invited to walk and gradually progress to  jogging is they chose, so as to obtain a cardio workout.   Optimal results can normally be observed about 3– 6 months following the procedure.  We pride ourselves on frequent patient follow ups and communication with our desire to seek the optimum healing outcome.

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Restore Your Natural Look

Numerous situations can make you unhappy with your existing breast implants, including the risk or current symptoms of breast implant illness. Utilizing the advanced en bloc technique, Dr. Gary Rosenbaum can help provide an effective removal procedure. To learn more, contact our Miami Beach, FL office today.

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